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to cause an impact

I’m Lukas Rudrof, a experienced product-designer located in Nuremberg, Germany passionate about UI-interfaces & Webdesign. I help Startups design customer-focused experiences for their products and build their online identity with clarity, meaning, and intention.

Top Services

A key component of digital strategy:
Enjoying the idea of creating things and improving the user experience through innovation and modern design.

UI/UX & Webdesign

Creative modern web & app design adapted on all your devices for a intuitiv user experience.


I help companies and teams align around a narrative that clearly states and defines their brand strategy and drives success.

Webflow development

Development process is not necessarily code-driven. Tools such as Webflow truly make it easier to move your artboard into a working branded website.


Creating a design & concept for various social media channels.

work process

Step 1

project setup

We talk & learn about your business and set the general conditions.

Step 2

defining requirements

We determine the necessary design and set goals for the project.

Step 3


I sketch out first ideas so as to work efficiently and get to the proper visual solution.

Step 4

concept and design

I focus on the chosen concept and work it out so it meets your outlined goals.

Step 5

PROJECT Implementation

Creating & designing all final data for the completion of the project.

Launch Project

Ready to let the world know about your new excitment project.

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